Trafficked, 2 Ambikapur girls back with horror tales

RAIPUR: Two girls, who went missing from Ambikapur district, in separate incidents, one and a half-year ago, returned home from Gujarat, after a nightmarish time of being pushed into flesh trade by a local woman and another person who lured them with jobs. The girls said that they were raped repeatedly before being forced in the trade.

The survivors managed to flee from the clutches of those who kept them in captivity, police said. Ambikapur superintendent of police Sundar Raj P said, “The girls were 14-year-old when Amita and Karan took them to Bilaspur, luring them with job offer and a better lifestyle. The girls’ parents also agreed but later realized that their girls were taken to Gujarat. Hence, a case was filed against the accused duo but police team which was sent to Gujarat couldn’t locate them.” The 17-year-old survivor, in her statement, said that she was trapped by Karan who also promised to marry her but when she went along with him to Surat, he repeatedly raped her and forced her to sleep with other boys.

The survivors said that when they opposed to be submissive before customers, Karan used to beat them. “They managed to flee only when Karan went out of station one day and reached Ambikapur seeking help from people. When the statement of both the girls was recorded, police realised that the accused were common,” an officer said.

He didn’t rule out the possibilities of more such girls being trafficked, raped and pushed into flesh trade.

Khalpara police have registered case against the accused under relevant sections of abduction, trafficking, rape against Karan and Amita and have launched a search in state. “A team of police personnel would also be sent to Gujarat to trace other missing girls and find the accused,” officials said.


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