Maid abuse: CWC wants girl’s statement under CrPC 164


NOIDA: With two separate cases of domestic help abuse being reported in Noida within three days, the child welfare committee has instructed police to record the statement of a 13-year-old domestic help under Section 164 of CrPC. She was allegedly abused by her employers in their Sector 44 residence. CWC officials said this move would strengthen the girl’s case and aid in her receiving swift justice.

CWC said that in the FIR, police had applied all sections relevant to child labour, involuntary confinement and bonded labour, but for the girl’s rehabilitation, her statement should be recorded by the ACJM under Section 164 of CrPC. “Once the statement has been recorded by the ACJM under this section, the rehabilitation process for the girl can begin and she can be released from judicial custody,” said a CWC official.

In the other case – in which another girl had been allegedly abused by her software engineer employer for almost a year – police said they were awaiting the medical report to verify the exact age of the girl.

The first case was reported to police on March 24 following which the girl, aged between 13 and 14 years, was rescued from the Sector 44 house in Noida. “The girl was employed by a couple, Jagdeep and Shilpa Relan. The husband didn’t live in Noida. When we rescued the girl, her body was riddled with injuries,” said the police. The parents of the girl arrived in Noida from their village in Jharkhand on Sunday.

In the second case, police are waiting for the health department to submit the age proof of the girl. “In this case, the girl is around 14 years old and we need to be sure about her age because if she’s older than 14, the child labour act doesn’t apply to her,” said a police official. Police also said they had traced the girl’s family in Jharkhand with the aid of the state police.


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