Human traffickers sold eight girls in state


SURAT: The arrest of four accused in the human trafficking network has revealed that the group is involved in selling eight girls in different parts of Gujarat for marriage or prostitution.Following complaint by Rama Tayde along with another victim Pooja Jodiya, police arrested Raj Amarnath Bhardwaj, Prakash alias Bhanja Ashok Igle, both residents of Bhusaval in Maharashtra, Shobha Dalsukh Balu Tanna and her son, Hitesh Dalsukh Tanna, both living in Parekh Nagar in Punagam area of the city. Police investigation so far revealed that Shobha is the main person in the network and was booked in Bhavnagar in 2007 on charges of running a prostitution network. However, Shobha claimed that she works as an agency for those who want to marry. On being arrested, Shobha informed police that she finds girls for such needy boys.  During questioning, the accused told police that they used to sell girls for Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 to different families. Shobha used to arrange rural and poor girls from Maharashtra to be sold in Gujarat. Young boys used to search and bring girls from Maharashtra for Shobha. The youth were paid commission from the money earned after the girl was sold.  In the incident, Rama and Pooja, escaped from Shobha’s house and reached Punagam police station and informed about the trafficking racket. They told police that Raj and Prakash brought them to Surat after befriending them. Rama and Pooja were shocked when they heard Shobha, Raj, Prakash and Hitesh discussing their “price” with three unidentified persons. They soon escaped from the house and approached police on Friday night.

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