Brother scripts girls rescue from brothel


Trapped in the usual lure of matrimony, Samina ( name changed) came to the city with Avijit Mali (23) in mid-May. But what followed the rendezvous was the bitter reality of being a victim of a prostitution racket. The story of Samina (name changed) is an unusual one in this usual plot, as her rescue plan was scripted by her own brother and successfully executed by her cousin, who posed as a decoy, and aided by the Thane Crime Branch. Rescued from Kalwa during the wee hours on Saturday, Samina is due to be handed over to the Kolkata police on Monday.

“Having registered the offence with the Barsat police in the Pargana district of West Bengal, Samina’s father and brother came searching for her and got in touch with us. Our team laid a trap with a decoy, got in touch with the girl from whose phone Samina had called clandestinely, and eventually rescued her,” said inspector Madan Manohar Ballal of the Thane crime branch.

DNA spoke to Samina’sSamaritan, who did not wish to be named but braved to recollect the family’s trauma of having almost lost her forever. Just 16, Samina fell prey to the pleasantries of her phone friend Mali and started meeting him. Having gained her confidence after a few meetings, Mali allegedly spiked her tea when she met him on May 17.According to Samina, upon coming to her senses she remembered nothing about how she landed in Mumbai. owever, soon Samina understood Mali’s intention and began protesting his demand of attending customers. The expected result was brutal physical torture and unbearable mental assault.

Usko bahut maara uss ladke aur dalal ne. Itna daag hai uske shareer par ki koi bhi ro dega dekh kar (That boy Mali and the pimp thrashed her leaving upteen number of scars on her body) ,” said her cousin. Giving a recap of her two weeks of horror he said, “A call as customer on the girl whose phone Samina used helped. When we asked her to get a new girl she mentioned Samina, citing her refusal to attend customers.

It was clear that she knew where she was. However, we still met her with another where the police nabbed her and got details of the pimp Dharmendra who operated the racket out of Vipul lodge in Kalyan.”

Dharmendra turned out to be a hard nut to crack, but after misleading us for long he finally led us to the place where Samina was being held,” added Ballal.

“The girl has been kept in the remand home until she undergoes her medical before being allowed to go back home,” said Sharad Barse from Child Line.


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