Missing girl returns, was abducted, and gang-raped


AHMEDABAD: A 12-year-old girl, who went missing from her residence in Juhapura on April 17, has returned home but with tales of harrowing experiences which include gang rape. She returned on Friday night. Owing to the torture marks and abuses she had been put through, the girl was taken to VS hospital immediately for treatment.

There, she said that she was gang raped after being abducted. After this, A complaint was registered at Vejalpur police station and the girl was admitted to the Sola Civil Hospital for treatment and collection of evidence. Police believe the girl was forced into a prostitution racket by a young woman and her two accomplices. All three have been booked for abduction and rape of the minor.

When the incident took place, the victim used to stay in Fatehwadi with her parents, siblings and her grandmother. The girl’s mother died three years back and her father remarried. Her father runs a two-wheeler repair shop. On April 17 she had gone to Juhapura to meet some relatives. But, she never returned home. Her father had then registered a missing person‘s report at Aslali police station. He had also sought help from some non-governmental organizations.  On Friday night, she made a sudden reappearance at her home. Her body bore multiple injuries which pointed towards abuse and torture. The girl’s legs had burn marks which were inflicted when she refused to comply with the wishes of her abductors.

The girl’s story left the cops and her parents in a state of shocked. On the fateful day while returning home from Juhapura she didn’t have money for autofare. just had Rs 4 with her. She could not board an autorickshaw for this reason. At this juncture, a young woman offered to drop the girl homeon her scooter. Later the victim learnt that the woman’s name is Faiza Laludia, a resident of Vankaner in Saurashtra.

But the woman took the girl to Jamalpur and gave her a spiked drink. where she was given a cold drink which put her in a semi-conscious state. The girl claims that she used to be given the intoxicant regularly and she obeyed all that Faiza told her. Then the minor was taken to Narol where she was raped regularly by two men – Asim and Asif. While Asim and Asif used to visit regularly, there were

Other men too who used to visit and on a daily basis. For this Faiza used to take money from the men, the victim told police. For close to a month the ordeal continued and the girl’s health deteriorated which had scared Faiza who abandoned the girl near her residence before escaping. Vejalpur police sources said, “We have detained Faiza. Preliminary interrogation reveals that she runs a prostitution racket and it is possible that she has abducted minor girls in the past too.”

Missing girl returns, was abducted, and gang-raped


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