Demand, supply of illicit sex up in State

Flesh trade is thriving in the City of Lakes. Women soliciting clients openly are a common sight in some of the busiest places of the State capital.


Besides, a large number of sex rackets are being run in almost all the posh and well-to-do localities. The practice takes place in an organised manner with the connivance of hotel owners, security personnel and male and female agents. Places like farmhouses, beauty parlours and independent homes in newly built colonies are often used for the purpose. Not only Indians but also westerners are provided to clients. They are available on demand besides television and B movie actresses. The price, however, differs, depending on the service and the attributes of the one providing it.When contacted, Superintendent of Police Abhay Singh, however, said the matter was new to him. However, he assured that action would be taken soon. If one goes to Hamidia Road, one of the busiest places in Walled City, in the evening, they will surely encounter prostitutes waiting on the stretch between Nadira Bus Stand and Bharat Talkies over-bridge. Same is the case in New Bhopal where these women are easily spotted on link roads and near Habibganj station. A pimp, talking on condition of anonymity, revealed the elaborate workings of the illicit business. According to him, the flesh trade prospers courtesy the joint efforts of ‘representatives’ like auto-rickshaw drivers, betel shop owners and dope addicts looking for easy money. Hotels play an important role as these provide cheaper rooms on hourly basis to clients. Women from Mumbai are thronging the State capital after the dance bars were closed in Optimum City. Besides, girls in large numbers from smaller towns nearby also travel up and down to the State capital for this purpose. According to sources, about a dozen sex rackets are run in various parts of the city and have an excess of hundreds of girls under them.

The most unfortunate trend in the city is that of school and college going boys joining the queue of clients who are mostly easy-moneyed people. As intimated by a female sex worker operating in the city area, even boys in school uniforms vie for a chance to engage in this activity. The spread of mobile telephones has facilitated the prostitute who can now satisfy a maximum number of clients in minimum time. Their daily earnings have thus risen nowadays. This, in turn increases, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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