Human traffickers using Pashupatinagar as transit point

Français : Carte de localisation du district d...

Français : Carte de localisation du district de Morang (wp-FR), au Népal (wp-FR). English: Location map of Morang District (wp-EN), in Nepal (wp-EN). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


MANGALBARE: Pashupatinagar in eastern Ilam has been found to be used as a safe transit point for human trafficking. The transit point is being increasingly used by human traffickers to traffic girls from Nepal to different parts of India. In 2011 alone, Maiti Nepal, Pashupatinagar rescued 128 girls including 19 from India and 109 from the bordering region in and around Pashupatinagar. Girls from Ilam, Jhapa, Paanchthar and Terhathum have been found to have fallen victim to the human traffickers, said Maiti Nepal Pashupatinagar Coordinator, Hom Dhakal. In the same year, Maiti Nepal rescued 433 girls from Pashupatinagar of Ilam, Kakarvitta of Jhapa and Biratnagar of Morang. Those include 109 from Pashupatinagar, 251 from Kakarvitta and 73 from Biratnagar.If those reported missing, seven among 34 were found in Ilam, eight among 52 in Morang while none of the 88 reported missing from Jhapa were found, Maiti Nepal said. Maiti Nepal has been joining hands with the local police to monitor the travelling of people across the border. During the inspection, girls were even found in their school dress trying to cross over the border, Coordinator Dhakal said.Maiti Nepal, Pashupatinagar has also been running awareness programmes about human trafficking in the bordering villages and schools, as well as in the Indian bordering region.

Human traffickers using Pashupatinagar as transit point


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