Student busts human trafficking racket in Darjeeling


Courage and presence of mind of Durga (name changed for security reasons) a class XI student from Darjeeling helped bust a human trafficking racket and also saved the victim from being trafficked. V V Thambi, DG (CID) has announced a cash award of Rs. 5000/- for the student.The NGO that Durga had approached to help in this case has also decided to hand over a cash award to this brave girl. Three men and a woman have been arrested.

Aruna (name changed) -a divorcee, residing with her children in a tea garden in Darjeeling, was reeling under poverty when a man approached her with a job offer. The person offered Aruna a job at a garment store in Delhi and promised her a handsome pay package. When Aruna gave her consent, she started receiving regular calls from a man in Delhi. The person from Delhi stated that Aruna would not have to spend a dime and that his agents would pick her up from a convenient location and take her to Delhi, all expenses paid. Aruna gladly accepted the offer and arrived at a relative’s house in Darjeeling town from where she decided to proceed for Delhi. In Darjeeling she had met Durga and in the way of conversation had divulged her plans of going to Delhi. Durga had attended a workshop on trafficking in her school, organized by an NGO. Motivated by the workshop and sensing something fishy, Durga called up the Delhi number and showed interest in taking up a job.

As the conversations grew frequent, the man tried to lure Durga into giving her consent for the flesh trade. Durga was now sure that it was a trafficking racket. She informed the NGO and the police. The police then lay a trap. Durga and Aruna asked the person from Delhi if they could be picked up from Darjeeling town.The plan worked and the police on Monday nabbed one Vishal Labar of Toongsoong and Samir Thatal of Limboo Bustee who were there to collect Durga and Aruna. With the cell phones of the two arrested seized and switched off, Aruna and Durga contacted the person in Delhi alleging that no one had come to pick them up and that the two could not be contacted (phones switched off.) The person in Delhi gave them new contacts and asked them to meet the two in Siliguri. Accordingly Durga and Aruna, accompanied by policemen in plain clothes arrived at Siliguri on Tuesday. Raju @ Navin Thapa and his wife Arantika Thapa were arrested from Siliguri. The couple originally hailing from Assam used to reside in a rented house in Sangati More, Siliguri.

All four arrested, charged under Section 363 IPC (kidnapping) and under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act,  were produced at the Darjeeling court on Wednesday. They have been sentenced to 10 days of Police remand. “The arrests have brought to light a trafficking gang operating in this region and also running a prostitution racket in Delhi. We can expect more arrests in the near future” stated Anant Kumar, Superintendent of Police, Darjeeling.


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