Man held for human trafficking

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BIRATNAGAR: Locals of Hasandaha from Morang district today held a man on charges of involvement in human trafficking and handed him over to the police.

Police arrested Prakash Chhetri of Jalwaigudi of India on charges of luring Laxmi Chaudhari (17) and Ramila Shrestha (17) of Hasandaha to India and selling them.

According to the police, Chhetri had taken the teenagers girl to India a month ago promising them of lucrative jobs. Though Ramila was rescued immediately; the whereabouts of Laxmi is still unknown.

Meanwhile Hridayawati, Laxmi’s mother, said Chhetri had taken her daughter to India with the help of his sister-in-law Nirmala Chhetri whose maternal home is in Hasandaha-7, Morang. Police said that Nirmala is in India now. The locals had trapped Prakash when he had come to visit his relative Dipak Thapa in Hasandaha.

Chhetri denied of his involvement in selling the girls. However, Police Inspector Keshav Bhattarai, Area Police Office Pathari, said that Chhetri has admitted taking the girls to Chandigarh, India, after taking Rs 24,000 Indian rupees.


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