We try our best, police say

Sumit Kumar Singh, New Delhi, February 11 2012,

Despite a force of more than 70,000 police personnel, a special unit for children, an anti-human trafficking cell and a juvenile justice unit, last year 1309 missing children cases were reported in the capital. Police claimed to have recovered around half of them.

Police also found 557 unidentified children last year, who were sent to children’s homes.

According to National Crime Record Bureau figures on crime against children, there were 3630 cases reported in  the capital in 2010. The agency found that 2,839 children had become victims of  crimes in 2009.

“We have got a long way to go. Delhi has the best model as Delhi police is more sensitive towards such issues compared to other cities,” additional deputy commissioner of Police Suman Nalwa said.

But in many slums and other low income localities where government runs welfare programmes, the police are not involved, he said.

“If these are the areas where child abuse is rampant the police should be encouraged to participate. Everything is on paper right now. There is no co-ordination between police personnel across states. We need to form a comprehensive network to prevent crime against children in Delhi as this city is the most vulnerable,” Nalwa said.

Last year, Delhi Police arrested 12 persons, busting international and inter-state human trafficking rackets.

An anti human trafficking unit gathers intelligence on organised gangs involved in missing children cases, bonded labour and trafficking of girls for prostitution. It has offices in all the 11 police districts of the national capital. The district investigation unit (DIU) officers looks after anti-trafficking matters.

“An officer of  the assistant commissioner of police rank works 24 hours with one inspector, two sub-inspectors and other subordinates in each unit,” the officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer) BS Jaiswal told Deccan Herald, “There are various forms of child abuse. We have trained staff in every police station that especially deals with children becoming victim of abuse. We conduct periodic raids at various office and factories to rescue bonded child workers.”

Similarly, Deputy Commissioner of Police (east) Prabhakar said, “The beat constables have been sensitised to look out for cases of suspected trafficking and bonded child labourers at transit points like bus stands, taxi stands, isolated hotels, guest houses and on the streets.”


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