With the arrest of Mintu Saikia, aged about 22 years s/o Rongai Saikia r/o Village Moinajuli, P.S. Dhekiajuli, District Sonitpur, Assam, Central District Police has solved a case of kidnapping of a minor girl kidnapped from Assam.  She had been kidnapped on 05-08-2011 and has been re-united with her family hale and hearty on 10-02-2012.


On 08.02.12, a request from Senior police officer of Assam, Jorhat was received mentioning therein that a minor girl has been kidnapped by accused person and a case vide FIR No. 916/11 u/s 366-A IPC has been registered at PS Jorhat, Assam. He further suspected that the accused along with victim are outside Assam and somewhere in Delhi.  The local police has not been able to locate the whereabouts of the accused and kidnapped girl. He had sought help from Delhi Police in this case.

 Accordingly, a team consisting of Inspr. Bijender Singh, SHO/Pahar Ganj, SI Vinay, HC Sukhpal, Const. Tejbir, W/Const. Poonam was constituted  under the close supervision of Sh. Raja Ram, ACP/Pahar Ganj.


 Initially, it was suspected to be a case of elopement in a love affair. The kidnapped girl did not make any contact with her parents / relatives even after lapse of 3-4 months. During investigation, it was revealed that the parents doubted one boy namely Mintu Saikia, who was also missing from the date of incident.

On 17-01-2012, after a gap of more than five months, the mother of the girl received a call on her mobile number from a person, who identified himself as Mintu and he made the victim to talk with her mother.  During conversation, it was revealed that the victim was confined in a room and not allowed to talk to anyone or go anywhere outside. During second conversation, the victim asked her mother to send Rs. One Lac, which was demanded by the accused.

On the basis of technical surveillance, it was revealed that the accused was residing in the area of Okhla, Delhi. This information was further developed and a raid was conducted at his various possible hideouts. Secret sources were also deployed to get clues about the whereabouts of accused Mintu as well as the kidnapped girl. With concerted efforts and on the basis of secret information, the accused was apprehended along with the victim by the police team of PS Pahar Ganj outside New Delhi Railway Station.  During sustained interrogation, he confessed his involvement in the crime. Due to the active role of Central district police, especially staff of PS Pahar Ganj and better co-ordination between Assam and Delhi Police, the case of kidnapping of minor girl was solved and the minor victim could be rescued and rehabilitated.  Assam Police has been informed.


Mintu Saikia s/o Rongai Saikia r/o Village Moinajuli, P.S. Dhekiajuli, District Sonitpur, Assam is 22 years old and has studied up to 10th class. He has one brother. He met the girl in an All Assam Dance Competition at Jorhat, Assam.



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