Sex racket out of star hotels in Tamil Nadu busted

CHENNAI: Police on Friday arrested a Delhi-based man who was operating a flesh trade racket from star hotels in T Nagar and rescued a woman from Kolkata. In another raid at a hotel on G N Chetty Road, police arrested a man from Kerala and rescued a woman from Kolkata. The arrested were remanded in judicial custody while the women were sent to a government home in Mylapore. A police decoy sent to a hotel in T Nagar met the pimp, Jithendra Bhandari, 32, who introduced him to a young woman. And asked him to pay 25,000 for ‘service’ for an hour. The decoy gave Bhandari the money, went to the room and alerted police waiting outside. The police team nabbed Bandari and rescued the 20-year-old girl. During questioning, police found that Bhandari often visited the hotel on “business” and booked two rooms in his name on the same floor. He flew in women from other states after keeping in touch with racketeers in those states.

“Bandari brought the woman from Kolkata after paying a hefty amount to a racketeer. The woman came here only a couple of days ago,” a police officer said. In a raid at another hotel in T Nagar, police arrested a pimp, Shanaas, 26, of Kerala, and rescued a 20-year-old woman who was also from Kolkata. Shanaas also charged his customers 25,000, police learnt.

Police said at least 40% of the women in the sex trade in the city are from Kolkata, 20% from Andhra Pradesh, 5-10% from Mumbai and Delhi and 5-10% from Tamil Nadu. A huge amount of money is involved and women from all walks of life were in the trade, they said. Lured by dreams of riches and luxurious lives, even housewives and college students are voluntarily getting into the trade, the sources added.


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