Mumbai Police bust alleged prostitution racket, rescue ten bar girls

Mumbai, Jan 21 (ANI): The social service branch of Mumbai Police, in the early hours of Saturday, raided a bar and busted an alleged prostitution racket. Ten girls were rescued in the raid, which may include minors who were forced into such immoral acts. The raid was part of the ongoing drive against prostitution in the city.

The police revealed that the girls worked in tandem with the customers and were forcefully pushed into such forbidden activities. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) of Mumbai social service branch, Vasant Dhoble said nine people have been arrested including the pimps.

“A brothel was being run here and it is famous by the name of ‘good luck’ in this area. We received information that minor girls are being pushed into this profession here. Ten girls have been rescued. At the primary stage no girl is being seen as minor but nine people have been arrested including pimps and the woman who runs this house,” said Dhoble.

Dhoble added that the members of the bar used to coordinate with the customers over the phone to protect them from being caught. During the raid, the police recovered around 75 thousand rupees.

“A complaint has been registered in the Nagpada police station under the PITA Act. Police is further investigating the matter and during the raids, we also recovered around 75,000 rupees. The owner of the brothel, named Santosh, and two of his members are kept in the list of wanted. Nagpada police will arrest them,” said Dhoble.

According to media reports, more than a hundred girls have been rescued in last one month from bars, saloons and massage centres, which were functioning as prostitution dens,

Cases have been registered against the people arrested under the PITA.he Act is meant to stop trafficking of females as well as prostitution in the city. (ANI)

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