Prostitution ring busted, 6 arrested in east Delhi

NEW DELHI: Police on Thursday claimed to have smashed a prostitution ring with the arrest of six persons, including five women, in east Delhi. While the arrested women, included a pimp, are from Delhi, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand and Nepal, the man who was apprehended has been identified as Gaurav Anand, an alleged pimp.

“We received a tip-off yesterday that a sex racket was operating in Madhu Vihar. A decoy was sent who met Anand. The pimp took him near a Hyundai Accent car where a pimp using the alias of Sonu Bangalan was present along with four girls.”A deal was struck for Rs 7,000 and part payment was made to them. After this, a raid was conducted and six were arrested,” DCP (Crime) Ashok Chand said.The woman pimp, hailing from West Bengal, was residing at Madhu Vihar. Anand was earlier a driver in a call centre and came in contact with her. Both had been running the call girl racket for the last three years, Chand claimed.

“They operated in the Trans Yamuna Area. In order to avoid detection, they kept changing the places from where they operated. They have operated from Patparganj, Ganesh Nagar and Vinod Nagar.”The recent place in Madhu Vihar from where they operated had been taken on rent for the last seven-eight months on a monthly rent of Rs 8,000. The call girls are generally in the age bracket of 19 to 30 years,” Chand said.


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