Centre to ask border states to treat straying kids humanely


NEW DELHI: The Centre will ask all states bordering Pakistan and Bangladesh to treat children straying into Indian territory ‘humanely’ instead of ‘arbitrarily’ treating them under Foreigners Act. A decision to this effect was taken in the wake of several reports which highlighted the plight of Pakistani and Bangladeshi children in different Indian jails. These reports also talked about roles of human traffickers in ‘deliberately’ infiltrating these children with the lure of jobs.

“The states will also be sensitized about this during a day-long national conference over the issue of human trafficking here on January 18. Representatives from all states and Union Territories will attend the Conference, convened by the home ministry”, said an official.

He said the ministry has taken the initiative following reports that a large number of people, especially women and children, are being trafficked within the country as well as sent abroad by unscrupulous elements. The ministry is likely to ask states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Assam to intensify vigil along the international borders in their respective areas to stop the human trafficking and treat the victims with more humane approach.

Reports suggested that people are being trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh through India and sent to foreign destinations. “This menace has to be stopped. Though people are being transported with the lure of job, in most case the victims fall into wrong hands,” the official said.

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