Sex racket case: Police bodies to probe DCP, assets

The Social Service department, the Anti Corruption Bureau and the Versova police station are making parallel enquires into Nandkumar Chougule, the cop whose Andheri bungalow was found to be the head quarter of a sex racket

Stripped into action following MiD DAY‘s report on the prostitution racket flourishing within the premises owned by DCP Nandkumar Chougule (pic), the Mumbai police have initiated a high-level inquiry into the matter. The Social Service department, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) of the Mumbai police, and officers of the Versova police station are conducting parallel investigations into the case.

MiD DAY, in its report on December 28, had published that a raid carried out by the Social Service (SS) Branch of the Mumbai police on December 10 in the Cleopatra Day Spa, located in Four Bungalows, had revealed that it was only a cover for an illegal sex trade racket (‘DCP bungalow home to spa sex racket’). Investigations for the case had revealed that the property was owned by the senior city cop, who is currently posted in the traffic police department.

Curbing under pressure put on it to hush up the matter, the SS Branch had hastily transferred the case to the Versova police station, closing it in the department.

Following yesterday’s report, however, the SS branch has launched investigations afresh, beginning by scrutinising the fine print of the leave and license agreement signed by Chougule and Saroj Bhakuni, the tenant who was running the spa in the Andheri bungalow. “We have asked for the rent agreement and are examining it,” said Pratap Dighavkar, deputy commissioner of police, Zone IX.

Officers at the Versova police station – where the case relating to the prostitution racket has been registered – are conducting parallel investigations. “The SS Branch officers have taken the rent agreement from the Versova police and are checking the details documented therein. We are yet to decide what legal action can be taken against Chougule. We are working on it,” said a senior police officer, on condition of anonymity.

The ACB has also started a surveillance of the property owned by Chougule’s family. “We get all the cut outs of the stories and work on them. We are doing our background work, and will decide our future course of action,” said a police officer from ACB.


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