Policing: Solving tough crime mysteries




Ashok Takalkar 
The resourceful police constable
A good network of sources and timely inputs help unravel the toughest crime mysteries in seconds. Constable Ashok Takalkar, attached to the Social Security Cell, is a rich man in terms of sources who give him timely inputs.
Out of 53 cases registered under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act this year, in a majority of cases it was Takalkar who provided inputs. Dedicated policemen like him helped rescue many girls who were forced into prostitution and paved the way for the arrest of their inhuman traffickers, who either cheated them by promising them a job or marriage.
Ask Takalkar about his proudest moment and he will talk about the rescue of a minor girl hours before she was forced into prostitution. “The rescue of the 16-year-old Bangladeshi girl who was lured into marriage and brought to Pune was no doubt the proudest moment for all of us. The girl was rescued hours before her trafficker had plans to sell her to brothel manager. More importantly, her so-called husband, a trafficker and one more woman were also arrested at the same time,” he says.
Asked how he builds sources, his answer is: “Interrogation. I contact each and every person mentioned by victims during their questioning and have managed to keep my sources well oiled over the years.” Takalkar, who has completed 30 years of service as a policeman, says it is team work when the rescue operation is successful and says encouragement and guidance from his top officers keeps him going.
Police Inspector Bhanupratap Barge, in-charge of Social Security Cell, said: “Timely rewards and appreciation of subordinate officers provides them with an impetus to work harder, which Takalkar has always followed.”
Social Security Cell score board
Prevention of Immroral Trafficing Act cases
2011: 53
2010: 33
Traffickers and brothel managers arrested
2011: 112
2010: 65
Number of people rescued by SS cell
2011: Number of minors rescued stands at 18, majors at 35
2010: Minors 28, majors 28




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