Over 200 minors go missing in 6 months


One-fourth of 800 missing are children

THE TRIBUNE / Chandigarh, December 28

In a disturbing trend, a minor goes missing every day in Haryana. In the past six months, over 200 children, including 72 girls, have gone missing in the state, a development which has a direct bearing on the safety of the missing chidren.

In fact, the districts bordering Delhi in the National Capital Region (NCR) seem to be reporting highest number of missing children. The urbanised and crime-prone district of Faridabad reported the highest number of missing children with 45 children reported missing in the past six months. Suprisingly, out of these 45 missing children, 20 were girls. Sonepat with 33 missing kids and Hisar with 23 missing children were the other districts with a sizable missing population below 18 years.

Since June 28,2011, over 800 persons went missing in the state out of which nearly 250 were women above 18 years and over 200 children up to the age of 18 years. In all, over 1,600 children are reported to be missing in Haryana.

Expressing concern at the increasing number of missing children, a senior police official said the rise in number could be the result of the registration of cases in case of the missing persons which was not the case earlier. However, the involvement of the children trafficking gangs in the state could not be ruled out particularly in the districts in the NCR near the National Capital, he said, adding that nearly five minors went missing in Delhi every day.

The disappearance of the children in northern states was cause of concern for the authorities. The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD) of the Union Home Ministry recently organised a workshop here to study the problem at the grassroots level and formulate a strategy to tackle the problem.

Meanwhile, data showed that Sonepat, with 40 cases, led the state in case of missing women (above 18 years), a majority of whom were married. Intriguingly, 27 minor boys went missing in Sonepat in the past six months. Similarly, Faridabad with 25 cases of minor boys missing reported 32 cases of women (above 18 years) missing. In Hisar, 34 women above the age of 18 years went missing as compared to 23 cases of minors, including 15 boys, gone missing.


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