City sex racketeer caught in Kolkata


BHUBANESWAR: Notorious criminal Sunil Meher, who was arrested several times for his involvement in sex rackets in Bhubaneswar, was rounded up by police in Kolkata on Thursday. Sources said police swooped down on him while he was trying to transport some call girls from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar. Police also arrested seven persons, including two women, during the raid on a house in Kalikapur area in South Kolkata. One of the arrested women claims to be Meher’s wife, a police officer said.

A three-member police team from Bhubaneswar immediately rushed to Kolkata seeking Meher’s remand in connection with his alleged involvement a series of sleaze rackets here.

“Since Meher is in the custody of Kolkata police, we will obtain court order to bring him back here for interrogation,” twin city commissioner of police BK Sharma said.

” We were looking for him in a couple of cases committed under Mancheswar and Chandrasekharpur police stations,” Sharma said. Sources said Meher had given police the slip during a crackdown in Gadakana area here in July. Police arrested as many as 18 persons, including his wife Priya Majumdar, for allegedly running a flesh trade in a house.

A resident of Sambalpur district, Meher was arrested thrice in the last one year on charges of running sex business in different parts in Bhubaneswar and its outskirts. He fell into police net in Infocity area on May 17, 2010 and in Chandrasekharpur on December 22, 2010. He was granted bail on March 18 this year. But old habits die hard. Meher was again accused of operating a prostitution racket, busted in Chandrasekharpur area here in April. He was since on the run.

Police said the sex business fetched Meher nearly Rs 10 lakh per month as he used to supply call girls to high-end clients in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. He charged not less than Rs 5,000 per woman for a night. “Same was his modus operandi in Kolkata,” a police officer said. This was the first time he got arrested in Kolkata, sources said.

“After coming out of prison, he often reverted back to the same lucrative business. He operated his crime network from Kolkata,” commissioner Sharma said. “Now we would toughen our stand and slap banishment (tadipar) on him,” Sharma said. Police busted eight prostitution rackets in Bhubaneswar in last one and a half years, sources said.


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