Sleaze trade gives city cops sleepless nights


BHUBANESWAR: A sudden spurt in prostitution rackets in the city has sent police into a tizzy. So lucrative is the sex trade that some accused persons, arrested earlier, are reverting back to the same business.

Sunil Meher is a case in point. A resident of Sambalpur district, Meher was arrested twice within a span of seven months in 2010 on charges of running flesh trade in different parts of the city and on its outskirts.

He fell into police net in Infocity area on May 17, 2010 and in Chandrasekharpur on December 22, 2010. He was granted bail on March 18 this year. But old habits die hard. Meher has again been accused of operating a prostitution racket, busted on Tuesday in Chandrasekharpur. He is on the run, though police arrested ten persons, including eight women from a two-storey house in Lumbini Vihar.

“Sunil Meher is the prime accused in the case. After coming out of prison recently, he reverted back to the same lucrative business,” twin city police commissioner B K Sharma said. “We would arrest him soon,” Sharma added.

In the meantime, police produced the 10 accused in a court here on Wednesday. “Though the girls should have been treated as victims, but we purposely produced them in court as they lured people into their trap,” a police officer said.

With the onus lying on police to curb the growing sleaze trade, the law enforcing personnel said, “It is the neighbours, who should play the role of whistleblower.”

Police busted as many as six prostitution rackets in the city in last one and a half years, sources said. “Pimps are looking for those houses whose owners stay out. The house owners hardly bother to verify the antecedents of their tenants,” the police officer said.

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