Self-reliance training to check women trafficking


ROURKELA: In an effort to prevent trafficking of women and girls from the district, believed to be especially rampant in tribal-dominated Sundergarh, CRPF has started a new initiative to improve skills of the vulnerable section and find employment for them in the locality.

As many as 35 women and girls of the district, most of them from Maoist-affected bordering villages under Biramitrapur police station, were given a three-month training by CRPF with the help of Maa Ghar Foundation, a leading NGO of the state working for the upliftment of women. The women, beaming with happiness, were handed over their completion certificate recently at a simple function here at CRPF campus, in the presence of senior CRPF officials.

“After dropping out from Class X, I had no idea about my future but then I joined this training programme three months ago and now I have all the confidence in the world as I have already found employment in a local company,” said Tara Badaik. “Me and my friends are extremely happy to have availed of this opportunity. We have all got a new lease of life after this training programme,” said Priya Singh, another successful trainee. “We are thankful to CRPF and Maa Ghar for giving us this opportunity and helping us to stand on our own feet,” she added.

The women and girls, mostly with under matriculation education, were given both physical and classroom training during the three-month programme. “The curriculum of the training was developed mainly to meet the security personnel requirement of various corporate houses, so that the women can be easily be engaged in local industrial houses,” said IG CRPF S N Sabat, who took the initiative to introduce the programme.

“The idea of organizing this training is not only to address the crisis of women trafficking, which has been acute in various tribal areas, but also to prevent these vulnerable sections from becoming a target of Naxal forces,” said P M Nair, additional DG operation CRPF.

“After enhancement of their skill set through this training, their employability factor has gone up, prompting local industrial houses to come forward to engage these women,” said Rutuparna Mohanty, managing trustee of Maa Ghar Foundation. “There is a very good potential in the district to engage a good number of women in this manner,” Mohanty added.


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