28 women rescued from Grant Road brothel sent back home

Women who were recently rescued from the Social Service Branch of the Mumbai police from a brothel, were sent back to their native place in West Bengal on Thursday, by the police. The 28, who were sent back, were among the 115 women rescued after the police busted a prostitution racketoperating in Krishna Building at Grant Road on November 2. Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Vasant Dhoble of the SSB told HT that a bogie had been reserved for them in the Howrah Mail. They were accompanied by 25 women constables and five officers from the DB Marg police station, which is handling the case.

The women had expressed  their desire to go back to their villages. All of them had been taken to shelter homes following the raid. “We verified the numbers and addresses of their relatives. When the relatives assured us that they would take them back, we began the process of sending them home,” said Dhoble.

The police team accompanying the women will once again verify the identity of their relatives, as well as their relationship with the girls, after which they will be handed over.

He said that efforts were on to trace relatives of the other victims. “If they show willingness to go back, we will make necessary arrangements. We are also looking at giving them vocational training and preparing them for alternate professions,” he said.



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