Bangladeshi girls being smuggled into India causing concern


VARANASI: Two incidents that have taken place in Varanasi and Chandauli in the past three days indicate that Bangladesh is emerging as an ideal hub of human traffickers.

It may be recalled that a girl, Sonali, aged around 20, had jumped from a Howrah-Mumbai Mail when it was passing through Mughalsarai railway station on September 20. When the members of a voluntary organisation interacted with her with the help of a translator, she revealed that she belonged to Kutali area in Jaisore district, Bangladesh. She is the daughter of Arshad Miya and Amina. She alleged that her mother had sold her to some persons who made her unconscious when she reached the market near her residence. She said when she regained consciousness, she found herself on a train. She said when the train stopped at Mughalsarai, she jumped from it. The GRP Mughalsarai sent the girl to the women protection home in Varanasi after producing her before the court in Chandauli district.

After that on Wednesday, the Dasaswamedh police raided the house a middle aged woman, Rajkumari, in Ganesh Mohal area and caught Nahaar, aged around 23, who also hailed from Bangladesh.

The police arrested Nahaar along with Rajkumari and Sanjay Kumar. During initial interrogation it came to light that some persons had taken Nahaar to Mumbai after purchasing her from Bangladesh and they kept her there for 10 days. After that some Raju Dalal bought her in Mumbai and took her to Varanasi on Tuesday. Initially he kept her in a hotel but on Wednesday she was taken to the place of Rajkumari. The Dasaswamedh police sent all these arrested persons to jail after initial formalities like medical examination of Nahaar on Thursday.
Though the GRP Mughalsarai and Dasaswamedh police hesitated in terming these girls as Bangladeshis, senior officials have taken this matter of trafficking of girls from Bangladesh seriously. IG, range, RP Singh has asked DIG Ram Kumar to send lady police officers with translators to the woman protection home and district jail where these girls have been lodged for proper interrogation. The DIG said those cases would be handed over to anti-human trafficking cell of the police for proper investigation. The IG said the investigation report would be forwarded to the director general of police office to decide a further course of action.

The IG said the arrest of Raju Dalal could help in tracing the racket of human traffickers who are connected with Bangladesh and bring the girls to the Indian territory. This new trend in human trafficking is considered alarming. Previous exercises to establish parental roots of suspected Bangladeshi immigrants, who are in the strength of several thousands in this region, for sending them back to their places by the local police, intelligence bureau and local intelligence unit have not yielded any result. The recent incidents also hint that the focus of human traffickers is shifting towards Bangladesh from their previous destinations like Nepal.


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