Two arrested for human trafficking, nine rescued


Two persons, including a woman, have been arrested in New Delhi for their alleged involvement in a human trafficking racket across Assam, West Bengal and areas near the Indo-Bangladesh border. The Crime Branch, which carried out the arrests, has rescued seven girls and two boys from them.

“The arrested persons have been identified as Ismail Ahmed (32), hailing from Nowagaon in Assam, and Babita (25), who runs an illegal placement agency,” Ashok Chand, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), said. Ahmed was arrested on May 5 from Shakarpur, while he was allegedly trying to sell a minor girl for Rs 1.5 lakh to a decoy customer.

During questioning, Ahmed told police that brokers and agents operating in Assam, West Bengal and areas near the Indo-Bangladesh border would send minors to Delhi with promises of a better life. Once here, they would be handed over to an illegal placement agency run by Babita. Seven minor girls and boys, employed as domestic helps, were rescued during the operation — conducted with the help of NGO Shakti Vahini.

Police said the minors were not being paid for the household chores they performed. “The broker, who procured the minor children, was paid a sum of Rs 20-25,000 by Babita for each of them. Babita would then charge an initial amount of Rs 20-35,000 from the employer,” Chand said.

“An 11-month agreement would be drawn up by employer for payment of monthly salary. Though Babita reportedly promised the children that the money would be sent to their parents, it was never done,” he added.


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