Minor girl rescued from bus stand


A 15-year-old girl was rescued on Friday by activists of an NGO from the Gurgaon bus stand. The girl claimed that she was physically abused by some men in uniforms in the train while she was on her way to Delhi with a woman named Sita, a native of Kolkata, who had lured her into coming to Delhi.  Neha (name changed), a native of Damding Tea estate, Siliguri, West Bengal, was rescued by Childline, an NGO’s Gurgaon team. Neha said that she had left her home three days ago with Sita and had reached Delhi on Friday morning. In her gullibility, when Sita asked her to bring some money, Neha had taken R25,000 from her home.

On the train to Delhi, Neha was apparently given some drinks and tablets and she fell unconscious. It was when she was not in her senses that she was physically abused. “From Delhi, we came to Gurgaon, where Sita left me alone,” Neha said. Rishi Kant, an activist of Shakti Vahini NGO, said: “Sita is a regular at Damding Tea estate. She lured Neha and brought her to Gurgaon. At the bus stand, she took all of Neha’s money and abandoned her. A police official saw Neha roaming around and called Childline.”

Sita is missing. Neha has been sent for a medical examination. The police are investigating the matter and have filed a case under the Juvenile act and sections 366, 363 and 376 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


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