Venue: Trilokpuri, East Delhi/  05 MARCH 2011

Shakti Vahini, the nodal NGO in East and New Delhi district for the Awareness Programme on Juvenile Justice System for Police Officers recommended by Special Police Unit for Women and Children, Nanakpura in collaboration with Special Juvenile Police Unit, East Delhi has organized a community outreach Programme in Trilokpuri, Block 32 on March 5, 2011. The programme was started at 2pm and continued till 4:30pm.

The Programme was attended by Insp. Smt. Kusum Maindola, SJPU East and her colleagues, Shakti Vahini team, SJPU Social Worker, local leaders and the community people. The programme was started with the welcome speech by Mr. Subir Roy, Director (Programmes and Projects), Shakti Vahini. In his speech he dwelt at length the issues related to child labour/child trafficking. He said “Today’s children are the Tomorrows Future.” We should protect each and every child in distress. He told the community people that they should not keep any child for domestic help.

In the last three years altogether 17,305 children went missing from Delhi only. Out of these 2,366 children are yet to be traced. Mr. Roy asked the gathering about their opinion regarding the children who are yet to be traced, where these children go. He talked about the illegal business run by the unregistered placement agencies illegally running in the city. These placement agencies are involved in the organized crime of child trafficking. They bring children from the poor states and employ them in the city as domestic help. As per the work done by Shakti Vahini it was revealed that most of these children are harassed, tortured and are not being paid for their service. Mr. Roy requested all the present gathering to help the children who are in distress with the help of the NGO and Police.

Insp. Smt. Kusum Maindola, SJPU east spoke on the role of SJPU and how it can help the community children. She told that the community people could ask for help to the police at any time by dialing 100 or 1098 of CHILDLINE. She explained that SJPU is a wing of Delhi Police and it works on Juveniles.

Then a Street Play on child labour/child trafficking was performed by volunteers of Ahwahan Foundation.


The street Play was organized for creating the awareness to combat Child Labour and Child Trafficking among the people. Street Play is the best suited to explain to the community people the kind of life a child labour is forced to lead and the hardships they face. The street plays were performed to create awareness about need for education, emphasizing on the need for improving access to education and quality of education, to eradicate child labour from the society.

The performers used simple local language to make the villagers understand the issues more easily and effectively. This plays an important role in informing the parents about various tactics used by the traffickers for persuading them (parents) to send their children along. Through these plays mainly the community people were targeted as they are victims of many child abuses. Through this street play initiative approximately 1500 people are sensitized in the Trilokpuri area. The gathering present there promised to share the message for anti child labour and ani child trafficking among their neighbors.

The play:

The street play was started by a song on Child Trafficking for Labour supported by the instrument ‘Dafli.’ The mesmerizing sound of the instrument and the song sung by the performers attracted the gathering. The performers who are professionals in the field of acting showed in their play about the trafficking of a child and how he gets involved in the child labour and abused by his/her owner. The play also showed the conditions of the child labours in the city as well as the rural areas. The children are harassed by their employer for minor mistakes; they are being tortured, not being paid. Some of them are not even allowed to meet their parents. The play also pass the message that as the children are low paid, don’t take the decision of their exploitation they are always in demand for child labour. One representative from a local NGO also spoke in the programme. The SJPU Social Worker gave the vote of thanks to all the present gathering.


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