14-year-old trafficked Manipur girl rescued in Gurgaon


Gurgaon : A 14-year-old girl from Manipur who was trafficked and about to be sold off in a marriage here was rescued by the Gurgaon police, a statement by a northeast helpline group said Thursday. According to the Northeast Support Centre and Helpline, the parents of the girl lodged a case of human trafficking in Imphal, Manipur, four days back. Following leads of the case here, the Gurgaon police rescued the girl Wednesday when she was about to be sold off by the trafficker to another man.

Madhu Chandra, spokesperson of the Northeast Support Centre, said: “An FIR was registered in Manipur under at least six sections, including rape and abduction. While the accused has denied the charges, the victim has confessed that she was abused sexually and raped repeatedly.” “She was rescued while the accused was selling her off in ‘marriage’ to another man for Rs.50,000. At the moment an NGO, Shakti Vahini, has given her shelter until her parents reach here. She is also undergoing medical tests,” he added.

The Manipur state government is also planning to send a team of police to Gurgaon to receive the girl.

Chandra said: “The issue of human trafficking is a huge challenge for the northeast community. Due to socio-political unrest in the region, poor economic condition and lack of educational opportunities, young women and men are easily lured with false promises of jobs and trapped into the trafficking network.”



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