Maharashtra minor rescued from Sushant Lok

The friendly street girl child of Kolkata, India.

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GURGAON: A 14-year-old girl from Satara district in Maharashtra was rescued by a 72-year-old man from Sushant Lok on Monday evening. He handed over the girl to the police, who subsequently sent her to a child home with the help of a local NGO. The Good Samaritan, Bhawar Singh, was on his way home in Sushant Lok from the Metro station, when he chanced upon the girl.

The girl looked visibly shaken and was frantically looking for an address. When I enquired, she told me she was working at house number B-24, but was not able to tell me the area, he said. As it was getting dark, I decided not to leave the girl alone and asked her to accompany me to the police station, he added.

A police officer at Sushant Lok police station confirmed that the girl was brought in by Singh on Monday evening. We took custody of the girl, called up Childline (childrens helpline number) and apprised them of the situation, he said. Members of Shakti Vahini, which runs Childline in Gurgaon, arrived soon and took charge of the girl.

A NGO member said, The girl was first produced in front of the district child welfare office and subsequently sent to Arushi, a place for homeless kids. The member added that Childline in Maharashtra has been asked to conduct a search operation to locate her parents.

Rishikant, spokesperson of the NGO, said, The girl told us that she had been brought to Gurgaon 2-3 days back by her aunt. However, her aunt deserted her near IFFCO Chowk and disappeared. According to the NGO officials, Maharashtra, along with West Bengal and Bihar, tops the list when it comes to child trafficking.


2 thoughts on “Maharashtra minor rescued from Sushant Lok

  1. children are the beautiful gift of god we are exploite thier future by deprive them from their basic right food education and play.
    i also want to join sakti vahini and want to do something for these child

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