On ride against child labour, they will cycle 320 km to Ajmer in 22 hrs




GURGAON: A group of nine cyclists from Gurgaon have chosen to undertake a 320-km ride to Ajmer in a bid to sensitize people against child labour and raise funds for two NGOs Gurgaon Ki Awaaz and Shakti Vahini working in the field of childrights.

The Mission Cycle to Liberate Childhood is being spearheaded by Chiro Mitra, who helped bring to light the DLF phase I child labour case. Mitra’s effort had helped an NGO rescue an 8-year-old boy from the clutches of bondage labour and torture.

The group of cyclists from Gurgaon would start riding from Gurgaon at 4 am on February 5 and will ride towards Ajmer with an aim to cover the distance in 22 hours.

Mitra (38), who works as a veterinary consultant with European Union, said: “Through this initiative, we want to send a message that child labour is unacceptable in society. It is also to help bring joy to children who are forced to work in factories, dhabbas and fields and worse still, as domestic help.”

The funds generated through the event will be used for buying a vehicle for NGO Shakti Vahini, which runs Childline in Gurgaon. It will be used for the purpose of rescuing children. “Lots of people have joined our initiative and donated money. And to show their solidarity, some people will also cover a small portion of the journey with us, Mitra added. Mitra’s group comprises lawyers, doctors and management gurus among others. Advertising and brand consultant Manas Arvind, who is participating in the event, said, “This event has given each one of us a purpose to do something for kids. It is a sheer misfortune that these children are forced to work, when they should ideally be going to schools.

Arvind added: Last time when we cycled to Jaipur and when people asked us the reason behind that, we could only say that it was for the sake of riding. I am happy that we have a greater mission than that.” Last time that the group undertook a journey, it cycled approximately 250 kilometres to Jaipur.



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