Govt to set up new home for pregnant teens


Waking up to the need for dedicated space and special care for pregnant minor girls, the women and child welfare department has notified a dormitory at the short-stay home in Nirmal Chhaya for would-bemothers in an advanced stage of pregancy.

As many as six minors in an advanced stage of preganancy will be shifted to a dormitory freshly notified as Children’s Home IV in the Nirmal Chhaya complex at Hari Nagar.

Senior officials at the home said the girls are in the age group of 14 to 17 years. They are either victims of rape or incest. A majority of them have been dumped by their boyfriends. The officials said the need for a separate space was felt as other children in the home would get curious about the pregnant inmates. The sight of the girls in labour traumatised the other children, he said.

“For now, girls who will complete the seven month of preganancy will be shifted to the dormitory. Two weeks after child birth, they will be shifted back to the children’s home. The baby will be put under the care of the nursery and the mother will be able to murse the child. Later, if the need is felt we may ask the government to create a separate annexe for such cases,” CWC chairperson Neera Mullick said.

In the Nirmal Chayya complex, there are at least six cases of girls in advanced stage of pregnancy and one girl has delivered last week. The Asha Kiran home for the mentallychallenged at Avantika in Rohini, too, has a teenager, around 15 years, who is pregnant. She is likely to be shifted to this new dormitory.

“The notification by the government is a recognition of the need for specialised care for minors preparing to deliver a child,” said RishiKant from the NGO, Shakti Vahini, which works against trafficking of girls across the country.

“Trafficking of minor girls is rising and we are seeing more cases of minors who are victims of abuse. Many of them are as young as 11-13 years. They don’t even understand the meaning of pregnancy and what it means to deliver a child,” he said.



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