‘Traumatized victims are drug addicts’



New Delhi: Their tormentor is in police custody but the three children’s trauma has not ended. The siblings were sexually abused for more than a year. The NGO facilitating treatment and counselling told TOI on Saturday that the brothers — 10 and seven years respectively — have become addicted to the drugs their abuser routinely administered to them. The girl, 12, is said to be not saying much. The intense media interest in the case and the strong police presence has compounded the problem.

‘‘They are traumatized and unable to speak much about the actions of the accused. There is an acute sense of helplessness. The girl says she is always feeling sleepy and displays no emotions due to what she put up with silently for such a long time,’’ said Rashi Aditi Ghosh, a counsellor with Shakti Vahini, an NGO. She said medical reports had confirmed the children had been given drugs to make them more pliable. ‘‘Even the youngest victim, who is seven, has got addicted to drugs. Medical investigations are being carried out to know the exact nature of the drugs.

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